Thursday, January 15, 2009

Featured In Two Treasuries

It's a good day! I just found out that I'm featured in two different Treasuries. The first one is here, created by LindaButterfly. It's a grouping of some of sellers on Etsy who are working together to promote each other. For now, we're the Collaberators, but soon I think we'll be called Cahoots or something similar. Be sure to stop by Linda's shop and see her wonderful items!

The second one is here, created by ArtMind. It comes from a thread in Business Topics, discussing how we like to have our orders shipped and how we like to ship them. Stop by and have a look at ArtMinds shop and the thread too!

Thanks to both of you for featuring my products in your treasuries. It means the world to me!


Diamondaj said...

Awesome. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congratus on the treasuries...great photos.

Linda said...

Thanks so much for blogging about the treasury I made and mentioning my shop! Hopefully you will get extra hearts and maybe even a sale!