Tuesday, January 6, 2009


There was a very interesting and extremely informative thread on the Etsy forums in regards to copyright infringement by using trademarked materials such as Disney fabric.


Etsy admin has closed that thread under the guise of "calling out".

I'm sorry, but what?

Where else are we supposed to discuss this sort of thing? Isn't that what the Business section of the Etsy forums is supposed to be about?

If we, as sellers, are not allowed to discuss incredibly important issues such as copyright infringement there in case we offend those who are breaking the law, then what's the point? Why should be bother even being interested in what is best for the Etsy community as a whole?

Honestly, I'm very, very disappointed with Etsy right now. Closing that thread was wrong. Just plain wrong.


kim* said...

I know i dont see how etsy allows people to do that... but i dunno. im not saying anything else,we already know.

LittlePeanutShop said...

I was following that thread earlier but had no idea it had been closed for calling out. Too bad. It's a very real issue that the community needs to think about.

PussDaddy said...

This is it? This is what happened in the forum today?

JDWolfe said...

There are ways to discuss an issue without bringing in specific sellers to the discussion.

PussDaddy said...

I love your blue jay print, by the way. I hearted it, and hope to get it.

Pegasus Handmade Soaps said...

I also don't know why they closed that thread too. I too was following it. They have been closing a lot of threads lately

PaperStreet said...

I have no idea why the thread was closed, there was no mention of names, or links to stores, and no disrespect to anyone in particular, except for the droves of Etsy sellers who are doing something that is blatantly illegal.
Like I stated in the second thread which you opened, these sellers know who they are and so does anyone who searches for those products which were mentioned. It's not a secret to anyone, so why be quiet about it unless it is acceptable in Etsy's eyes?
And I have no problem with "hurting the feelings" of thieves or counterfeiters, who make the sight and the rest of us look bad.

I was writing a comment in response to this, but it turned into a really long winded rant and was hesitant to post it here so I posted it on my blog if you would like to read it.