Monday, December 22, 2008

One Pathetic Puppy

My husband has a puppy. I say my husband because he wanted it, he drove 3 hours to buy it, he paid $500 for it. Not me. Him.

The puppy is almost a year old now, and is a chewer.

So far he has destroyed:

• our daughters retainer
• two books I've had since high school (I'm 38 years old now, so that's a very, very long time)
• two pairs of glasses. Both mine, the second pair being a replacement for the first pair he destroyed.
• a Christmas decoration that belonged to my Grandmother who passed away a few years ago
• my watch that my husband bought for me last Christmas

He's also scratched the top of my antique kitchen table and side board as well as the hood of my van by jumping up on them.

I've had it. As far as I'm concerned the puppy needs to go. Notice that everything he's chewed (and that's not a complete list, just what I can remember off the top of my head) other than my daughter's retainer belonged to me? Yeah, he likes my stuff.

So, because I'm the one that is home all the time and has to put up with this puppy and has to clean up his messes and is the one who has all their stuff chewed up, I bought a muzzle.

And he hates it.

I couldn't be happier. ;)

Just kidding. I really don't like to see the puppy upset, even though I don't particularly like him. But, I can't stand it any more. I'm tired, really, really tired of wondering what he's destroyed every time I go to bed or whenever I leave the house.

So, from now on, he'll be muzzled.

I came home and put it on him and you've never seen a more pathetic looking dog. He danced around for a while trying to get it off, then just laid down and panted. At one point he sat up and looked at me with those big brown eyes of his but it didn't do a lick of good. Hehehehehe.

I feel so much better knowing that my belongings will be safe while I'm gone.


kim* said...

haha--- thats a dog for ya. I stick to cats although they scratch things errrr gotta love them both!

MNHDesigns said...

I'm so much more a cat person. I love my kitties, all four of them!!

JustJaynes said...

I remember those days, and I feel for you. Do you have a crate?

MNHDesigns said...

JustJaynes, no we don't unfortunately. Maybe after Christmas we can get one, but right now a muzzle is cheaper. ;)

C said...

if you really don't like your dog, please take him to a local no-kill shelter where he can be re homed with a family who all will love him.

I understand your frustration with chewing but there are reasons for chewing and ways of working with the dog, not against him.

Muzzles for chewing and destruction are normally used as a short term solution and not when the owner is present.

this post made me incredibly sad.