Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yesterday Was A Great Day!!

One might call it a banner sales day! Of course that would be a bad joke, since I'm talking about my day in The Banner Queen shop. ;)

After a relatively quiet week in that shop, I had 3 sales on Friday and 4 sales yesterday! My eyes darned near popped out of my head. Well, not really, but I was very excited! LOL!

Now if only Etsy had stats so I could find out where these sales came from. I do have some advertising out there in internet land, so it would be wonderful to know if the sales came from that, from Etsy searches, or just from my posting in the fora.

Ah well, I won't complain. Much. ;)


Made By Moms said...

Wow, that's awesome! I've been selling on Etsy since April and I have six sales TOTAL. I've had more looks at my items in the two weeks I've been here than relisting many times over there.

I haven't seen your banners, but your scarves rock! :)

Congratulations! :)


MNHDesigns said...

Aw, thanks! I actually have a very successful shop on Etsy for my banners. I have my mini up now for some free advertising. I do enjoy designing banners and business cards and such, but crocheting will always be my true passion. ;)