Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow Day!!

It's official! It's the very first snow day of the season for my kids. Actually, it's their very first snow day ever! Where we used to live, they walked to school, so they never got days off because of weather. They're so excited right now.;)

Actually, I'm pretty excited too, because that means my daughter will be home today. That means I will have my scarf model (you can see her in the photo's for The Browns) which means I can retake some photo's and list some more items. Yay!!!


Made By Moms said...

I know this will sound funny, but you guys are so lucky! Living down here in Florida, we'll be taking vacations for my son to see snow.

All we get are hurricane days and those aren't too fun because you can't really go outside and play!


Made By Moms said...

PS: Want to swap links? :)

MNHDesigns said...

No, hurricane days don't sound like much fun at all! LOL!

I'd love to swap links! I'll add a blog list right now and put you on it. ;)

SleightGirl said...

Beautiful model! She should sell you a lot of scarves :)